1. Finding Serenity at Burleigh Heads, Queensland

  2. Whale Whisperer

    Sometimes you just have to do it. Something impulsive and crazy without thinking too much and this trip sums up everything.

    I decided to join my friend for the whale watching tour in Hervey Bay, called the organizer to secure a place, rented a car and booked my stay in a cosy airbnb property all within an hour. Madness. Also, I kinda underestimated the journey to Hervey Bay from Brisbane, spending more than 4 hours on the road passing by small towns, sugar cane and pineapple plantations and a lot of farms. And then, I found out that I can actually fly direct from Brisbane for under 40 minutes with just $100 one way. FML.

    The next morning, we set off to the open waters at 8am in search;of this gentle giant- the humpback whale. As we made our way further away from the harbour, we saw a few boats from other tour agent out there as well. The captain on respective boats communicated with each other via radio phone / walkie talkie on any sighting of whale around their area.

    After cruising for about 2 hours, while everyone was busy enjoying tea break provided by the tour, the captain suddenly shouted that he saw something at 3 o’clock and asked everyone to look there. And out of nowhere, a humpback whale rose from the deep blue water blowing air from its blowholes before diving into the water again. Totally surreal. And we were asked to cheer, clap and scream to get the whale’s attention so that it’ll come up to the surface again.

    We stopped at various parts of the bay and spotted at least 5 whales that day. Even though we did not see any acrobatic stunts performed by them, to see these gentle giants appearing around our boat from time to time is more than an unforgettable experience. After cheering and running around the boat trying to snap photos, it is time for lunch. We were served with a scrumptious spread of seafood, chicken, various cuts of ham, salad and ended the meal with a delectable selection of cheeses and fruits platter. Alcohol is served on board but you have to pay separately, of course.

    After lunch, it’s time to head back to the harbor. The 4 hour journey back went pass with a blink of an eye as everyone was having fun talking and laughing or just suntanning under the beautiful weather.

    I paid AUD$ 68 for the tour and it was money well spent. If you’re ever here in this part of the world from August to October, you have to come and see it yourself!

    No regrets

  3. Not Alone (in The Sea)

    Story coming soon on my whale watching trip in Hervey Bay. Stay tuned. 


  4. apixelaffair said: Hello there ~ I love the way you capture light so beautifully in your photographs!


    Thank you. Looking forward to more photos from you soon. 

  5. Brisbane (Le Sigh)

    Work opportunities have been very limited and the overall industry is not doing well down under currently.  

    Singapore sounds more promising as at now. I might head back soon.   


  6. annadira said: Your photos are amazing!! You have an undeniable talent in photography and i wish my photos are as effortless as yours. What camera do you use btw?

    Hi Annadira, 

    Thank you for the kind message.

    I am currently using the Olympus OMD EM5 paired with 17 1.8 lens. I’m not a big fan of Olympus camera at first, but slowly liking this combo as I shoot. The lens is amazingly fast. 

    You have great photos too. Browsing through your posts, I should really make a trip to Cebu already. Been planning for it for years! 

  7. Stay Hydrated, Always

    Out whole day yesterday and was a lil’ dehydrated from all the walking around and lack of liquid. Feeling a bit sick today so I’m keeping it easy just resting at home.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, peeps. .  

    p/s: yes, i drink green tea from my keepcup, so sue me. 

  8. Glorious, Glorious Food

    The month of July is all about FOOD here in Brisbane and it’s a shame that this is my only food related post and I am posting it almost to the end of the month. I consider myself very unlucky when it comes to food festival. For 2 consecutive years, I was away for work during Restaurant Week in Singapore, and this year, just when I thought I’ll be around, duty calls and I have to be in Indonesia for work for almost 2 weeks.

    I was lucky to be around the last weekend of July, so I took the opportunity to visit GOMA and check out Harvest - an art, film and food exhibition. I have never seen an entire exhibition dedicated to food and art so it really intrigues me, to say the least. Besides admiring the art work at the gallery, my main intention this time around is to try the creation of Chef Josue Lopez from GOMA Restaurant, created specially for this exhibition. 

    I started with Moreton Bay Bug poached in GOMA churned butter, saffron broth, seaweed and brocolli - a light and flavorful entree. In Australia, a “bug" is a type of slipper lobster and not the bug-bug we all thought. Next up is the main - Southern Downs wagyu beef, beef floss and crisp, celeriac and rhubarb. The dish comprises of two pieces of wagyu beef, medium rare (of course) and other components that round up this dish perfectly. The sourness of the rhubarb cuts through the richness of the meat. Definitely a match made in heaven. I enjoyed the dish tremendously and finished everything on the plate.

    Service at the restaurant was a little bit cold at first, but warmed up quickly after. The hostess - Sarah, was friendly, knowledgeable and able to explain to me all the components on my plate. 

    If you’re looking for something different and fancy eating at the museum / gallery, then this is the place to be. Not only the restaurant is beautifully lid with natural light all over (perfect for instagramming, haha), the price you pay for the quality of food you get is easy to the wallet too.

    Harvest (28 June - 21 Sept)

    QAGOMA, Brisbane, Australia. 

  9. More stories soon. 

  10. Snippets of Indonesia - Jogyakarta & Surabaya

    I am a little tired from all the work travelling but the past 10 days spent between these 2 cities has been one of the best adventures in 2014. Apart from work, I also did a little exploration off the beaten path in Jogyakarta. I did not bring my OMD with me knowing that I will be changing hotel a couple of times and moving around a lot, so I try to pack as light as possible. 

    I am currently posting this from Soekarno Hatta airport in Jakarta waiting for my connecting flight back to Singapore. Because all Singapore Airlines flights departing to Brisbane are fully booked for the next couple of days, I have no choice but to stay and work from our Singapore office until there’s a seat for me the next flight home. 

    Not complaining.

    Always good to be back in Singapore. 

    p/s: All images from iphone. 

  11. Stay With Me

    Preparing for another league of work travels starting tomorrow. This time it will be Singapore, Penang and then Jogyakarta, Indonesia. 

    Can’t wait to go back *home. 

    *first home will always be Penang where my family is, followed by Singapore - the best and the MOST expensive city in the world. But once you visited or lived in, you will know how amazing this place is. 



    Thank you tumblr god for getting my pic on radar. I logged in to tumblr just now and was pretty surprised to see the list of likes and new followers on my activity list.

    Good to know and thank you for the recognition. 

  13. Brisbane City Hall

    I did a quick tour of the building this morning and man, just look at the light. Because it’s a guided tour, I can’t really sway away from the group and do my thing.  Rest assured, I will be back one of these days and take in all the beautiful light. 

  14. Chasing Light

    Last one from the trip 

  15. Pure Shore - A Continuation

    This magazine has been a great source of inspiration lately. 

    Rich in content with interesting cover stories and beautiful minimalistic photos in every issue. I brought the latest issue of Cereal together with me to Noosa and I’ve been trying to keep the same approach in all my photos - simple and clean.