1. apixelaffair said: Hello there ~ I love the way you capture light so beautifully in your photographs!


    Thank you. Looking forward to more photos from you soon. 

  2. Brisbane (Le Sigh)

    Work opportunities have been very limited and the overall industry is not doing well down under currently.  

    Singapore sounds more promising as at now. I might head back soon.   


  3. annadira said: Your photos are amazing!! You have an undeniable talent in photography and i wish my photos are as effortless as yours. What camera do you use btw?

    Hi Annadira, 

    Thank you for the kind message.

    I am currently using the Olympus OMD EM5 paired with 17 1.8 lens. I’m not a big fan of Olympus camera at first, but slowly liking this combo as I shoot. The lens is amazingly fast. 

    You have great photos too. Browsing through your posts, I should really make a trip to Cebu already. Been planning for it for years! 

  4. Stay Hydrated, Always

    Out whole day yesterday and was a lil’ dehydrated from all the walking around and lack of liquid. Feeling a bit sick today so I’m keeping it easy just resting at home.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, peeps. .  

    p/s: yes, i drink green tea from my keepcup, so sue me. 

  5. Glorious, Glorious Food

    The month of July is all about FOOD here in Brisbane and it’s a shame that this is my only food related post and I am posting it almost to the end of the month. I consider myself very unlucky when it comes to food festival. For 2 consecutive years, I was away for work during Restaurant Week in Singapore, and this year, just when I thought I’ll be around, duty calls and I have to be in Indonesia for work for almost 2 weeks.

    I was lucky to be around the last weekend of July, so I took the opportunity to visit GOMA and check out Harvest - an art, film and food exhibition. I have never seen an entire exhibition dedicated to food and art so it really intrigues me, to say the least. Besides admiring the art work at the gallery, my main intention this time around is to try the creation of Chef Josue Lopez from GOMA Restaurant, created specially for this exhibition. 

    I started with Moreton Bay Bug poached in GOMA churned butter, saffron broth, seaweed and brocolli - a light and flavorful entree. In Australia, a “bug" is a type of slipper lobster and not the bug-bug we all thought. Next up is the main - Southern Downs wagyu beef, beef floss and crisp, celeriac and rhubarb. The dish comprises of two pieces of wagyu beef, medium rare (of course) and other components that round up this dish perfectly. The sourness of the rhubarb cuts through the richness of the meat. Definitely a match made in heaven. I enjoyed the dish tremendously and finished everything on the plate.

    Service at the restaurant was a little bit cold at first, but warmed up quickly after. The hostess - Sarah, was friendly, knowledgeable and able to explain to me all the components on my plate. 

    If you’re looking for something different and fancy eating at the museum / gallery, then this is the place to be. Not only the restaurant is beautifully lid with natural light all over (perfect for instagramming, haha), the price you pay for the quality of food you get is easy to the wallet too.

    Harvest (28 June - 21 Sept)

    QAGOMA, Brisbane, Australia. 

  6. More stories soon. 

  7. Snippets of Indonesia - Jogyakarta & Surabaya

    I am a little tired from all the work travelling but the past 10 days spent between these 2 cities has been one of the best adventures in 2014. Apart from work, I also did a little exploration off the beaten path in Jogyakarta. I did not bring my OMD with me knowing that I will be changing hotel a couple of times and moving around a lot, so I try to pack as light as possible. 

    I am currently posting this from Soekarno Hatta airport in Jakarta waiting for my connecting flight back to Singapore. Because all Singapore Airlines flights departing to Brisbane are fully booked for the next couple of days, I have no choice but to stay and work from our Singapore office until there’s a seat for me the next flight home. 

    Not complaining.

    Always good to be back in Singapore. 

    p/s: All images from iphone. 

  8. Stay With Me

    Preparing for another league of work travels starting tomorrow. This time it will be Singapore, Penang and then Jogyakarta, Indonesia. 

    Can’t wait to go back *home. 

    *first home will always be Penang where my family is, followed by Singapore - the best and the MOST expensive city in the world. But once you visited or lived in, you will know how amazing this place is. 



    Thank you tumblr god for getting my pic on radar. I logged in to tumblr just now and was pretty surprised to see the list of likes and new followers on my activity list.

    Good to know and thank you for the recognition. 

  10. Brisbane City Hall

    I did a quick tour of the building this morning and man, just look at the light. Because it’s a guided tour, I can’t really sway away from the group and do my thing.  Rest assured, I will be back one of these days and take in all the beautiful light. 

  11. Chasing Light

    Last one from the trip 

  12. Pure Shore - A Continuation

    This magazine has been a great source of inspiration lately. 

    Rich in content with interesting cover stories and beautiful minimalistic photos in every issue. I brought the latest issue of Cereal together with me to Noosa and I’ve been trying to keep the same approach in all my photos - simple and clean.  

  13. Pure Shore

    The last weekend was spent at Noosa Heads in the Noosa region of Sunshine Coast, Queensland. It was a leisurely 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane, with stopover at the Ginger factory as well as the famed Eumundi market. If you’re a first timer to the Noosa region (like me), then the two attractions might appeal to you but otherwise, I suggest you skip this and drive straight to the beach for a little fun in the sun.

    We put up a night at Outrigger Hotel Resort and Spa – a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with very minimalistic design and all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. One of the best features of the hotel is the heated pool. It definitely helped especially when its winter now and you want a quick morning or evening swim. Breakfast at the hotel was decent – not as elaborated as what you get back in Asia but good enough to keep the stomach warm and satisfied. Coffee’s good too.

    Besides the main beach on Hasting Street, Sunshine Beach is probably my favourite as it is less crowded and one of the most beautiful. There are multiple ways to get to the beach but it gets really tricky as most of the entrances are located in a residential area. Meaning you have to navigate your way through to find a parking spot and look for a sign. We were lucky to find a spot where it lead us to this small part of the beach which says “leash-free beach” for dogs. Many of man’s best friends were spotted running freely playing catch with their owners or just “mingling” with their new found friends. I swear, these dogs are surfers their past lives as they love playing in the water and always barking and teasing with the incoming waves.

    From here, we took a short hike (approximately 30 mins one way)  and it lead us to Alexandria Bay beach – a nudist beach. I’ve been to one before in France many years back so I’m just curious and excited to see one here. If you’re wondering if I bare all – no, I wasn’t prepared to strip and run around naked that morning. Haha.  After spending about 30 mins, we hiked back slowly while stopping at various look-out points soaking in the spectacular horizon.

    The remaining of the day was spent, like how the Italians put it dolce far niente by the beach.  Of course, there are a lot of activities you can choose from (eg surfing, kayaking, wake boarding, paddling) but we just want to chill, take it easy and enjoy the breeze. 

    As the sun began to set, it’s time to head back home. I’m dead tired by the time I reach home but the tan and minor sunburn here and there proofed that I’ve had a good time in Noosa.   

    Till the next road trip.  

  14. Cultural Diversity

    Probably one of the most interesting festivals I’ve attended here in Brisbane. The World Refugee Week 2014 came to a close with an all day long celebration of cultural dance, musical performance and craft under the beautiful weather. And what’s a festival without all the glorious food from different regions in Africa, and from country like Iran and Jordan.

    I finally get to eat Ethiopian food again. The first time I had it was in Brooklyn, New York a couple of years back and finding a similar restaurant when I was living in Singapore was almost impossible. The cooking style and spices used in Ethiopian cuisine are very much like what we used to eat back in Asia so it was a relief to eat something very distinct in flavor and spices. Will do a separate food post. 

    Attending the festival today makes me more aware of refugee matters and what these people have to go through and it immediately hit me that we all should be so thankful for what we have - that we’re born in a stable country and we don’t have to fight to survive.  

  15. A MOET for every celebration

    Celebrating my cousin’s birthday with good food and some bubbly tonight.

    This was at The Euro - a modern European restaurant under the Urbane Group helm by executive chef - Alejandro Concino.

    Classy interior but not too formal, great food and impeccable service.

    The Euro

    181 Mary Street

    Brisbane, Australia