1. Red-tailed

  2. Ready for rainy days

    Desperately hoping for rain here in Singapore. It looks like autumn everywhere (with dried leaves and everything in the shade of brown) but let me assure you, it felt like an oven here. hot and humid. 

    p/s: ignore the callous on my right toe. it’s distracting, i know. 

  3. Beautiful bouquet 

    … spotted at the St Andrews Church last Sunday. 

  4. Follow the path 

    says Ernest

    still trying to convince him to start a blog. 

  5. Nature’s call

    Now you see it, now you don’t 

  6. A cuppa joe and delicious waffle

    A few friends raved about this new coffee place just opened a couple of months back in Evan’s Lodge - a pretty secluded area within the Bukit Timah enclave. So after a short meetup with some photographers on Saturday afternoon (more stories on that soon), a few of us decided to check this place out. 

    The last time I came to Evan’s Lodge was more or less 1.5 years back when Hatched was the talk of the town for it’s all day breakfast menu. But since the place wasn’t commuter friendly, I never came back until yesterday. 

    While the food items might be limited here at Assembly coffee, they take pride in their coffee and strive to serve you the best in town. I settled for a cup of mocha while both my friends - a hot latte and iced mocha respectively. For I am not a coffee connoisseur, I can’t really describe in detailed about my cuppa but what I can say is the coffee wasn’t too strong (which is to my liking) and I can taste the rich chocolate aroma in it. Best thing was, I did not experience any gastric or bloating feeling after.  

    Since it was almost dinner time, we did not want to order anything heavy and settled for a salted caramel waffle together with a chocolate cake to share. You can’t go wrong with anything “salted caramel”. Just look at the photogenic waffle above. 

    I am definitely coming back for more. Probably on weekends for breakfast after a good morning jog at the Botanical gardens nearby.

    Address: 26, Evans Lodge, Singapore

    Phone: 6735 5647


  7. Spread some love

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 

  8. Row, row, row, row your boat

    Gently down the stream road?

  9. Art is Rubbish is Art 

    Penang has been under a lot of limelight (the good one that is) lately thanks to a very talented Lithuanian street artist by the name of Ernest Zacharevic. His tongue in cheek street art got everyone talking, especially this one, went viral and created a buzz among locals and tourist alike. I have even seen the exact same drawing in the village of Puanyu, Guangzhou, China and was shocked to see how it was plagiarized by another artist in such a short matter of time. A quick google image search of this street artist will lead you to his various masterpieces in Penang. 

    The photos above were taken at Ernest’s first solo exhibition named “Art is Rubbish is Art” located at an abandoned bus depot just minutes away from my house. I swear I passed by this bus depot more often than I take the MRT in Singapore but I didn’t know it was once a bus depot until last month. The exhibition showcase his work on various canvases – on walls, old wooden doors, gunny sack, unused items, and vintage wooden blinds into a work of art. It might look very simple, but the effort of drawing on walls under the hot tropical sun can be quite a challenge.

    Seeing the locals (old and young) all out supporting this exhibition, taking snapshots and talking about “ART” makes me really proud to call myself Penangite and this beautiful island home. Now, whenever I am back in Singapore, a lot of my Singaporean and expats friends will tell me how much they’ve heard about Penang and can’t wait to visit soon. 

    We might not have Banksy, but we have this Lithuanian artist to thank for putting Penang in the spotlight and hopefully an art hub in South East Asia one day. 

  10. How January ended and February started

    Chinese throughout the world usher in the year of the Horse on 31 Jan and I was back home in Penang for a short break. Not only was I down with food coma (almost every meal) through out this festive season, what’s important is that I managed to spend some good quality time with the family and meeting up with childhood friends whom I don’t get to see throughout the year. Ever since graduating from high school, all of us parted ways, enrolled in different universities and our friendship drifted further and further away with our own agendas and busy lifestyle. After graduation, some stayed back in Penang while most of us opted to work in Kuala Lumpur or abroad. And we hardly see each other after that. With everyone back in town, it was great to meet up and reminisce the good ol’ days. and talk crap, like always. 

    While back in town, I took the opportunity to go for a “shutter theraphy” or “instawalk” (if you want to sound more hipster) with a few friends and managed to get some good shots. Give me some time to sort out the photos and pull the stories together. I will be sharing it here the next couple of days.

    Also, there are some backlog post on my Bangkok trip and the best local eats. Suddenly, 24 hours seems inadequate at all!     

  11. A thoughtful quote from Ellie Rodriquez about missing home and what matters. 

    I am currently back in Penang for a week to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the family and catching up with friends.

  12. Brunch

    Very satisfying brunch that consists of a warm and comforting roasted garlic tomato soup, corned beef hash and end with a piccolo.

    This was at Roast - an all-day breakfast cafe located in the trendy Thonglor district. Besides serving breakfast staples like the big breakfast, French toast, scrambled eggs and crab cake benedict, the cafe also serves pretty good lunch as you’ll expect long queues during weekends at this eatery. Be sure to call for reservation or go early! 


    2nd floor Seenspace, Thonglor Soi 13

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Phone: 02 185 2866

  13. Chilin’ Away

    For Jules - for being a constant inspiration and an overall awesome tumblr friend. 

    I took this photos in the fish market (here, here and here) in Jakarta, Indonesia back in September and totally forgot about it. Here’s one for Caturday! 

  14. Pattana Golf Resort, Rayong, Thailand

    I was on a working assignment in Thailand last week for a couple of days and was lucky enough to stay at this beautiful golf resort located in the town of Chonburi, a short 90mins drive from Bangkok. 

    The reason we chose to stay at this resort was because it is near to our client’s facility and there were no more hotel within the next 50 kilometers. It’s a shame that I don’t play (also, don’t know how to play) golf of else I would be in heaven swinging my golf club in the perfectly manicured course. These photos above were taken in the morning during my walk to the club house for breakfast and some after work. 

    One day, when I learn to appreciate the game, I would definitely come back for another visit. But as for now, all I can do is to look from afar and wonder how much sunscreen do these people put on while out in the open field…   

    *photos from iphone & olympus OMD 

  15. Smurfette, look what I found?!