1. streets of KL - lost and found  

    beautiful weather today so i decided to go for a photowalk. but it started off with a lil drama when i drove all the way (approx 35 mins) to the city center and only realised i did not bring my wallet (FML) when i was about to pay the parking attendant. haha.. i drove back home, got my wallet and instead of driving, i park at the nearest train station and took the elevated train downtown. it was fast, hassle free and most importantly i get to start shooting the minute i board the train.

    p/s: oh look! i designed this photo myself. if one day when i collect enough masterpieces of kuala lumpur and decided to print a coffee table book, this would probably be the cover.

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  2. goddessofscrumptiousness said: Zeek, if ever that coffee table book of yours will be printed and published one of these days… I’ll buy a copy and even go there in KL to have you sign it! :) Yes, this will indeed be a perfect cover.
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  5. lamlux said: Ah photowalks, so amazing. I need to plan one with locals here.
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  14. pepenero said: So, good luck bro! And remember that I’m a graphic designer, if you need some help or suggestions about the print of your future book you know where you can find me!
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  16. quango-bingo said: Nice. Looking forward to seeing what you found…
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