1. Rest

    I know I’m very inconsistent in maintaining this blog as of late but this is because I have been busy doing a lot of backups and housekeeping on my photos from my camera sd cards, iphones as well from the external hardisks. I usually do this (backup) every 6 months so you can imagine the number of photos I have to deal with – thousands. But im almost done now with just a few to be burned into CDs and I’m all good.

    I have been extremely busy since my last trip to penang earlier this month. Two of my friends from abroad recently relocated to Singapore so I have been busy introducing them and their better half to this little island republic I call home. Lucky for them, they are all my schoolmates (which means we’re all Penangite) so there are not much of culture differences as compared when they first moved to Holland and China respectively.

    Apart from this, I have been working out religiously because I am going to climb Mt Kinabalu this Friday. For you who’re not familiar with Mt Kinabalu, it is one of the top 10 highest mountains in South East Asia located in Sabah, Borneo, east of Malaysia. I am flying out tomorrow night and will spend a day relaxing before the climb on Friday morning. It will take 2 days to reach to the summit at an altitude of 4,095 meter above sea level. The climb to the summit is doable by any healthy individual and probably the only one in the world that requires minimal training and no mountain hiking gear. But what worries me the most is altitude sickness that could hit anyone, even the strongest man.

    Anyway, I’m not going to think so much but to stay focus, eat right and have proper sleeping pattern the next following days and hopefully everything will be alright. The scenery along the climb should be beautiful and what’s important is the entire hiking experience with my rambunctious bunch of friends. (12 of us)

    Lastly, my Dlux4 will take a rest and won’t be making an appearance throughout this hike. Instead, Fuji X100s will take over. I don’t know how good this camera is but I heard nothing but good reviews about it so I’m putting my expectations on par as my Leica.

    (or maybe just slightly lower, just slightly)

    p/s: the two photos above were taken in Yogyakarta, Indonesia during my recent visit.

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