1. The Art of Falling Asleep

    It finally rained and what better way to stay at home and sleep..

  2. Spread some love

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 

  3. By the pier

    The stretch of street lamp from the previous post.

    Thank you Luxlit for reblogging it! 

  4. Up All Night

    This shot has got to be my favorite shot I took in 2013. It was a stretch of street lamp just next to the Singapore Flyer and shot using my Leica. 

    I miss my Leica and I’ve had some of the greatest adventures with it. Sadly, there’s some sensor problem and it has since retired. 

    In 2014, I want to create more masterpieces like this. I want to put more thoughts in my composition, in my subject and overall story I want to convey. 

  5. Passing by the museum

    I always felt that the Singapore National Museum lacks of artifacts and content as compared to other museums internationally. Afterall, Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965 so that makes it 49 years old this year which is considered a young nation comparing to countries like China or India. However, history aside, the building itself is the pride of the nation. It is beautiful and something to marvel at anytime of the day.  

    Ever since coming and based here in the island republic, I’ve visited the National Museum many times - may it be seasonal exhibition or talks by prominent writers or artists or just a weekend photowalk in the museum with friends.

    The photos above were taken during one of my walks to the train station post-dinner one night. The lights that illuminated the whole museum definitely stood out among all other buildings around the area. The post processing of “B1” vsco filter adds a rich black and white tone to the photos giving it a timeless, classic look just like the museum. 

  6. current state of mind


  7. Raffles courtyard

    an iconic hotel here in Singapore. if you’re visiting, remember to check out Long Bar and order yourself a Singapore Sling! 

  8. tzekomah:

    your future in my dreams

    a palm reader caught having a siesta by the road side.

    I’m heading back to KL next week for work and I am extremely excited. 

    I miss my friends, the familiar places i once walk with my trusty leica on weekends (like the pic above) and of course visiting all my favorite food joint. The schedule will be pack (with work) and i will try to steal some time out to see the changes to the place i once call home. 

  9. lazy

    sleeping on the boat and by the sea… 

  10. semi stacked

    singapore has some of the craziest, most amazing architecture ever. this residential condominium consists of “blocks” stack against each other - like jenga!  

  11. historic

  12. Gold Coast in monochrome

    Gold Coast is beautiful. You have long stretch of beautiful beaches lined with million dollar condominiums, world class restaurants, fun theme parks and anything under the sun. The 3 days I was there was spent relaxing by the beach and occasional swim in the icy cold water. Good times. 

    p/s: instead of posting some colorful photos of this place (with blue sky and all)  I’ve decided to convert everything to black and white as i felt it comes together more cohesively as a series of photos through my perspective - from the sky to under the sea. 

  13. freedom everywhere

    up next: gold coast

  14. not afraid of rainy days

    drastic change will happen really soon and here’s hoping for the best.  

    in any way, have a great weekend! 

  15. strolling with VW