1. bricked window

    we have bottledsky before and now fully bricked window.

    i must be in narnia or something.

    have a great weekend everyone.

  2. this way to PAD|ANG

  3. overcast


    guys (and hot chicks), i dont usually post my replies to your comments because i dont want to flood your dashboard. anyway, you know i appreciate all your feedback and compliments and you guys (yes, you hot chicks included) are the ones that keep me going and pushing the creative envelope in taking more… beautiful pics, of course.  

    my gratitude to all of you.

    p/s: pixiedress corrected me that i should address the hot chicks too. so hi (waves with flirty smile). haha…

  4. bottledsky

    a lil bit of everything in there (snow, rain and the sun)

    p/s: it has been a while since i did anything creative ever since the lightbulb pic so there you go.

  5. love found in chinatown

  6. knowledge is king

  7. magneto

  8. 12th and ¾ floor

  9. palm on cheek

    p/s: part II of my photowalk consists of all bnw shots. that particular day, i decided to see everything in monotone.

  10. honeycomb

    …. but on the other hand, this building looks like part of the lipstick building in nyc.

  11. architects of 3 generations

    the beginning is the end is the beginning of part II of my photowalk around town.

  12. 21st century pyramids

    the end is the beginning is the end of part I

  13. ninety7

  14. your future in my dreams

    a palm reader caught having a siesta by the road side.

  15. ashes