1. a helping hand, perhaps?

    this diptych photo and the one i posted earlier is very much inspired by Olga, a very talented photographer we know here in tumblr. her eyes for details when photographing sculptures/painting and translating them to photographs that tells a story amazes me and i am a huge fan of her work.

    check out her MET series that sparks the idea of these photo.

  2. mesmerized by the red saree

  3. let it burn

    to all hindus celebrating thaipusam today

  4. endless

  5. no shoes while texting

    took this at the entrance of the beautiful Sri Mariaman Temple, KL.

  6. a cobbler’s dillema

    it might look easy, but you need certain strength and skills to mend a shoe. i respect skilled individual like him as you hardly find the younger generation be interested in this profession anymore.

    im very tempted to convert this to black and white, but after a while decided to maintain the original one in color.

  7. you know who to call

    … -7599984

  8. yellow on 204

    i love the complexity of this door and grill and everything in between.

    also, yellow is a happy color. yes, happy.

  9. drifting in the train

    let’s start this series with something nice - a landscape photo of downtown kuala lumpur. instead of whining and complaining that we don’t have snow here in the tropics, the weather’s perfect today. blue skies and clouds scattered all over.

    the temperature? 29 degrees or 84F.

  10. streets of KL - lost and found  

    beautiful weather today so i decided to go for a photowalk. but it started off with a lil drama when i drove all the way (approx 35 mins) to the city center and only realised i did not bring my wallet (FML) when i was about to pay the parking attendant. haha.. i drove back home, got my wallet and instead of driving, i park at the nearest train station and took the elevated train downtown. it was fast, hassle free and most importantly i get to start shooting the minute i board the train.

    p/s: oh look! i designed this photo myself. if one day when i collect enough masterpieces of kuala lumpur and decided to print a coffee table book, this would probably be the cover.

  11. conscious / sub-conscious

    conscious mind tells you the escalator is going down towards the subway station

    sub-conscious mind tells you it’s a horizontal moving walkway you see in airports.

    or maybe, its the other way round.

  12. consumerism

  13. how 020212 looks like

    and doubleone is right, there’s a cloud dragon just next to the twin towers.

  14. Back to work I & II

    We all have to work to sustain ourselves. Some love their job, some hate it to guts. But it is up to you how you change and see everything in different perspective just like the diptych above. You can choose to see it in color and accept the challenges thrown at you and count your blessings that you’re still employed OR you can choose to see in black and white, dark and gloomy days filled with dissatisfaction, complaints and anger.  

    I think the answer is pretty obvious.

  15. calmness