1. tzekomah:

    your future in my dreams

    a palm reader caught having a siesta by the road side.

    I’m heading back to KL next week for work and I am extremely excited. 

    I miss my friends, the familiar places i once walk with my trusty leica on weekends (like the pic above) and of course visiting all my favorite food joint. The schedule will be pack (with work) and i will try to steal some time out to see the changes to the place i once call home. 

  2. stranger in a familiar place

    kuala lumpur, a place so familiar to me once is becoming more like a stranger nowadays. i miss walking through the narrow streets in downtown KL with my camera and of course, early morning spin through the nooks and corner of the city capturing “moments” before sunrise.

    singapore has been great. i am trying my best to explore and enjoy as much as the city has to offer. but, on the creative side, sadly, i am nothing but unispired here. it could be i dont have my own transport and have to rely on the public bus and eveytime i have the creative urge to go out and shoot, to think of the whole process of packing my camera, walk to the bus stop and take the bus downtown is just a lil turn off.  

    i dont know but i hope soon i will be back on my feet again and the focus i have like my days in KL. i dont mean to brag but i took a lot of superb street photos back then. maybe i need something to inspire me again….

    i need a new camera!  

  3. too smoky, too crowded

    alright, goodnight!

  4. organic

    posted a black and white version in instagram a while ago but i felt sunrise pic should be in color no matter what.

    it gives me calmness looking at it.

  5. slowly fading away

    the final bits of KL..

  6. flow

    aha! got caught taking this shot.

  7. fly away

    great day at the aviary today.

  8. everything seems to be right on track now..

  9. hard day’s work

  10. still reading

    reasons why i chose to fly at night is to have shots like this.

    back home finally

  11. follow me

  12. hide and seek

    they’re on your left… LEFT. not right.

    just turn and you’ll catch them.

  13. calmness III

    calmness II

    calmness I

    one of the juniors screwed up the report and i have to patch things up, as in rewrite the entire thing. i need to seek calmness and i see in this one.

    i’ll keep this series alive, posting photos inspired by the word ‘calmness’ from time to time. well, basically you’ll see plants in the shades of blue and green that is.

    have a great friday  

  14. instagram #7 - hidden gem

    found this by accident during one of the photowalks recently in kuala lumpur. my initial plan was to visit sri mariaman temple for the thaipusam festival but came across this temple a few meters across the street. everything is written in mandarin inside and i cant read a single word.(fail) wanted to check in foursquare but found a few mandarin names so i did not do it. this place will remain nameless for now.

    definately one of the city’s hidden gem.

  15. instagram #6 - al fresco

    lunch time back in the office in KL. we eat here almost everyday simply because we dont have much choice. how sad.

    the food here is cheap, not-so-delicious but bearable to eat.