1. pondering

    a double exposure of my sis and the beautiful sunset in gold coast

  2. 10 year’s time

    beach boy or a city boy, you’ll be fine.

  3. seeing blank

    thank you so much for the likes and comments on my current obsession with double exposures. im no expert….still exploring and trying to inject my own style in it.  

  4. someday

  5. separating fullerton

    and when you’re here, dont forget to grab a drink at lantern, the rooftop bar with killer view of the marina.

  6. two suns

    this weekend i just wanna sit back, relax and do nothing at home

  7. supernova

    here’s something serious, but not so serious after all.

    double exposures. win.

  8. too smoky, too crowded

    alright, goodnight!

  9. busy up there


  10. organic

    posted a black and white version in instagram a while ago but i felt sunrise pic should be in color no matter what.

    it gives me calmness looking at it.