1. Finding Serenity at Burleigh Heads, Queensland

  2. That Day In Sydney

    …. and i will say it again and again, there is just “something” about the sky and the sea in Australia. 

  3. Autumn in Sydney

    Currently in Sydney for a couple of days before heading to Brisbane.

    Such beautiful city.. 

  4. Calm by sunset

    Penang can get very hot at this time of the year but once the sun starts to set, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm balmy breeze. 

  5. Weekend Adventure

    Be right back. 

  6. Nature’s call

    Now you see it, now you don’t 

  7. Retreat

    Pulau Ubin, Singapore - Such beautiful place..

  8. Mt Coot-tha and goodbye! 

    ….. and with that, we’ve come to the end of my Australian photo series. It has been one hell of an awesome trip - weather was great, no misadventure or whatsoever and most importantly, I ate very well throughout the trip. 

    While I’ll miss Brisbane, i don’t think I will be back anytime soon. It’s time I pay her more famous brothers a visit - Melbourne and Sydney next! 

  9. Gold Coast in color

    these different spectrum of colors during sunset - speechless!

  10. what’s your story

    view of the amazing story bridge from eagle street pier. 

    this bridge reminds me of the queensboro bridge in manhattan, which is nothing but beautiful and spectacular at night. 

  11. strings of confusion

  12. sun kissed

    I’m back from my short trip to brisbane / gold coast and it has been amazing. 

    7.5 hrs later and a short stopover back home in Singapore, I am now back in my “real” home town in Penang. Gonna spend the weekend here resting and be a couch potato before heading back to Singapore on Sunday. 

    Will be sorting out the photos before sharing my stories here. expect a lot of sunshine. what am i talking about? Queensland IS the sunshine state! 

  13. sunshine state

    hello, mate! currently in brisbane and having a great time catching up with the extended family members. the cousins and I cycled almost 10km along the brisbane river this morning and the view was simply spectacular.

    we’ll be heading to gold coast tomorrow for a couple of days and this might be the highlight of this trip. i have a “surfers paradise" t-shirt since i was a little kid and never had i thought i will be there tomorrow in person. too excited.

  14. almost sunset

    time to go home.. 

    to all my friends from the other side of the world - good morning! 

  15. overcast

    you never know how much i hate overcast skies. as much as i love the dramatic clouds, it is sometimes very difficult when it comes to editting - some parts tend to overexposed easily while others, under.

    this photo was taken along gurney drive on a gloomy sunday morning. it was after our breakfast that i decided to drop by for a quick photoshoot at the seafront promenade. i’ve never seen low tide during the daytime before so you can imagine how excited i was.